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3pcs recycle waste bags


3 bags to separate metal, paper and plastic. PP woven material...

COB 360 light


Ultra bright COB light with magnetic base element made out of ABS. The base can simply be attached to any smooth surface with the double sided 3M tape on the bottom of the base. The light itself is magnetically attached to the base. The light can be ..

Mini shower coach


Hourglass with suction cup on postcard...

Timo shower coach


Save up to twenty thousand litres of heated water per year by using Timo the eco friendly acrylic shower coach with strong suction cup. You’ll save energy and reduce your power and water bill at the same time! Registered design®..

sand timer clock Samin


5-minute, sand timer clock. Minimalist design in white and blue sand, with suction cup in PVC...

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